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At Waterhouses CE Primary Academy and Nursery, we want our children will leave our school as fluent, confident and expressive readers, writers and speakers who love to read and can find information and gain knowledge through using comprehension skills. They will be able to express preferences about what they have read, using a wide vocabulary, and share their opinions confidently in a variety of contexts. Alongside this we aim for all of our children to leave our school with the ability to write with confidence and accuracy for a variety of purposes and audiences. They will write with grammatical accuracy and apply spelling patterns using a neat handwriting style. In order to achieve this, we will provide our children with a high quality text based English curriculum that is both challenging and enjoyable. Our intention is that our children will apply these English skills to all areas of the curriculum to facilitate further learning and use them to enrich their lives beyond school. At Waterhouses Primary School and Nursery we use the Twinkl phonic programme (DFE approved scheme) to develop early Reading skills. In Year 2 we build on this by using Accelerated Reader to help our children become confident, fluent readers.

Our approach to phonics

Phonics Guide For Parents And Carers

Twinkl Phonics Guide

Phonics And Early Reading Statement

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