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Waterhouses CE Primary Governing Body

The strategic direction of the school is determined by a group of volunteers who represent different aspects of our community.

Chair of Governors Mr Gordon Kneller
Vice Chair of Governors
Foundation Governors Mrs Joyce Forshaw
Rev Alan Behan
Local Authority Governors Mrs Pam Smith
Parent Governors Interregnum
Mrs Claire Brindley​​
Co-opted Governors Mr Steve Richman
Mr Gordon Kneller
Mrs Jackie Pakes
Staff Governors Mr David Wood (Headteacher)
Ms Tracey Fowler
Link/Nominated Governor Roles:
Safeguarding, LAC & Health and Safety, PE Mr Steve Richman
Prevent Mrs Jackie Pakes
SEN/Pupil Premium​ Ms Tracey Fowler
Humanities & Science
Computing & Online Safety Mr Gordon Kneller
Creative Arts Mrs Claire Brindley
RE & Worship Rev Alan Behan
Maths Mr Gordon Kneller
English Mrs Jackie Pakes
PHSE Mrs Jackie Pakes
EYFS Interregnum
Governor Training Mrs Pam Smith
​NameAppointed​Term Ends​Left Post​Appointed By​Pecuniary Interest​Other Establishment Roles​Material Relationships​Attendance​ at Full Board Meetings this Academic Year (Attended/Apologies)​Business/Pecuniary Interest Signed​Code of Conduct Signed​Enhanced DBS​KSIE Part 1 Read & Signed
​Mark Longson​13/11/201313/11/2017​GB​IT Supply​-​Spouse (V. Longson)​2/0​YES​YES​YES​YES​
​Mark Sutcliffe11/7/2012​11/7/20161/9/2016​GB​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​YES​
​Jackie Pakes1/9/2013​1/9/2017​GB​-​​-​-1/1​YES​YES​YES​YES​
​Gordon Kneller13/11/2013​13/11/2017​​GB​-​-​-1/1​YES​YES​YES​YES​
​Rev Arthur Hack​18/4/2013-​​Diocese​-​-​-2/0​YES​YES​YES​YES​
​Joyce Forshaw​13/11/201313/11/2017​​GB​-​-​-1/1​YES​YES​YES​YES​
​Vickie Longson11/7/2012​11/7/2016​1/9/2016​GB​​-​-​Spouse (M. Longson)-​-​-​-​YES​
​Claire Brindley1/9/2013​1/9/2017​GB​​-​-​Sister (A. Bradbury)1/1​YES​YES​YES​YES​
​Pam Smith1/3/2013​​1/3/2017​GB​-​-​-2/0​YES​YES​YES​YES​
​Suzanne Hallam6/3/2013​6/3/2017​GB​​-​-​-1/1​YES​YES​YES​YES​
​Anne Lockey​-​-​GB​-​-​HT2/0YES​YES​YES​YES​
​Hailey Alcock2/3/2016​2/3/2020​GB/Parents​2/0​YES​YES​YES​YES​
​Steve Richman2/3/2016​2/3/2020​GB/Parents​2/0​YES​YES​YES​YES​

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