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The Pirates of the Currybean KS2 Summer Production

All aboard, all aboard, we are off to Lumbago!

This year, our Key Stage 2 pupils put on a fantastic summer show of, ‘The Pirates of the Currybean’. Our lovely new stage curtains added an extra dimension to the show, with our backstage crew expertly coordinating scene changes before opening the curtains to reveal a range of piratical props and confident, enthusiastic, young actors.

Pearl (Belle N) opened the show with her pirate-loving son, Jack (Cameron M) and went on to share their adventures on the high seas with the crews of The Crunchy Frog and The Currybean. The admiral (Darcie M) and captain (Gregory P) and their band of trusty sailors aboard the Crunchy Frog, guide Jack and his cat Fiddlesticks (Kaiya M) back to their mother who has been kidnapped by a pirate crew and their captain, Captain Redbeard (Ethan H). They are held hostage on their ship, The Currybean until they are lost in a storm and washed up ashore the Island of Lumbago. It is here that they discover Jack’s long-lost father, Chief Wonga (Jay B). Of course, when marooned on a desert island, there’s only one thing to do – hunt treasure! The comical duo, Scuttle (Cadence H) and Slack (Ellie-Mae H) are expert treasure-hunters and save the booty from being commandeered by the scourge of the seven seas, Captain Redbeard.

Every child in Key Stage 2 held a role in the production, and many contributed to the making of the stage props, scenery and programme design in their own time. The talent we have at Waterhouses has blown audience members and the staff around school away; the confidence and acting from many of our children was truly outstanding. A big well done to Belle N, Cameron M and Ethan H especially who not only had over 100 lines to learn each, but performed singing solos too! We are incredibly proud of all of our children who managed to keep us fully entertained for 4 and a half hours over the two days’ worth of performances.  In the words of one of our favourite songs in the show, ‘We have Piratical Style’!

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