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Frozen Kingdom Ice Experience Day

We ventured off to the Antarctic today for the launch of our new topic, Frozen Kingdom. To launch the day, we watched some of David Attenborough’s recent documentary series, Seven Worlds, One Planet and were amazed by the enormity of the continent of Antarctica. After we had noted down some questions to explore in more detail, we got hands on with some ice! We looked carefully at how ice behaves in water and how salt affects ice. We used our knowledge and understanding of temperature and forces to explain our observations scientifically. Later in the day, we looked at our new text, Shackleton’s Journey and identified some key vocabulary that we needed to develop our understanding of. We used the e-library on Go Epic to find out what the new terms mean and then developed a glossary. In the afternoon, we investigated how different art materials could be used to represent ice ready to illustrate our glossaries next week.

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