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Our Curriculum Fact Sheet for this half term (Darwin’s Delights):

Parent And Carer Information

Parent letter for this half term:

n/a – Please see Class Dojo for additional information

Year 5/6 National Curriculum spelling list:   


Please click on the link below to see the curriculum overview for 2019-20:

Long Term Plan for 2019-20 White Tigers

Under the Sea Mental Maths targets: 

Under The Sea Scheme

Home Learning for Darwin’s Delights (Summer 1 Topic):

Darwin’s Delights

Useful Weblinks For Darwin’s Delights

Darwin’s Delights Knowledge Organiser

Home Learning During Closure

From Monday 20th April, the  BBC is starting a new Bitesize daily home schooling scheme. You can access daily lessons in English and Maths as well as other subjects, on BBC iPlayer, BBC Red Button and the BBC Bitesize website. The content of each lesson will be backed up by videos, practise work, educational games and articles. BBC iPlayer and the Red Button service will host 20 minute shows, each designed to target a specific age group. These will be useful to families struggling to access or share the internet or for the times when trying to juggle working at home, children and life in general seems just a little too daunting!

We will continue to provide our home-learning activities and support as normal, however this service may provide a handy alternative to, or indeed supplement, the work that is set by school.

Here is the timetable detailing the content each of the daily lessons:

BBC Timetable Year 5

BBC Timetable Year 6

Here is the link to the site:

Here is the link to the BBC iPlayer materials: 

** Please keep checking for updates to the resources uploaded to this webpage regularly**


Watch the weekly assembly from Picture News here:

Vary your reading experiences and read further news articles in this week’s child-focussed newspaper here: Picture News 18th May

Fluent in 5 

Complete these quick tests every day to check you have remembered the various arithmetic methods we have practised this year.

W/C May 18th Resources

Year 5 – Fluent In Five Year 5

Year 6- Fluent In Five Year 6

W/C May 11th Resources 

Year 5 – Fluent In Five

Year 6 – Fluent In Five


W/C Monday 18th May 

Please complete the following lessons on the Oak National Academy website this week. You can follow either sequence of lessons, it doesn’t matter if you are in Year 5 or 6. Take your pick this week!

Year 6 Oak National Academy Lessons –

Coordinates and shapes:

Lesson 6 – To recognise 3d shapes

Lesson 7 – To recognise nets of 3d shapes

Lesson 8 – To solve problems with 3d shapes

Lesson 9 – To illustrate and name parts of a circle

Lesson 10 – To solve practical problems involving circles

Year 5 Oak National Academy Lessons –


Lesson 1 – To read scales when measuring volume –

Lesson 2- To investigate and explain cubed numbers-

Lesson 3 – To estimate the volume of objects-

Lesson 4 – To describe volume in cubic units

Lesson 5 – To convert units of volume (optional as already covered in converting units work last term).

All the above lessons have accompanying homework tasks and lesson recaps on MyMaths. Access this to show me what you know – I can see your results and give you feedback according to your score. Your usernames and passwords for this site are in your Class Dojo portfolio.

W/C Monday 11th May 

**Maths Challenge for Friday 15th May**

Fibonacci Nature Maths Lesson

Fibonacci Numbers Worksheet Ks2

This week, I would like you (both year groups) to continue to access the maths lessons on the Oak National Academy website about TRANSFORMATIONS.  In a similar format to the White Rose lessons you have been completing, you have a video lesson to watch and some follow up tasks to complete to test your new-found knowledge.  The direct link to that page is here:

From there, you will need to scroll down the page to the series of lessons on Transformations. There are 10 in total. Please begin with lesson 1 on Translation if you did not complete these lessons last week.

Remember to practise your number bonds on NUMBOTs and Times tables on TTROCKSTARs on a daily basis too! Just 10 minutes practise is all you need! 

A few fun maths challenge sheets you could pick and choose from:

**NEW** Maths for your daily walk: Walking Maths


DT Maths: Lego Maths

Arty Maths: Arty Maths

KS2 Mixed Age Activities

Year 5 Creative At Home Resources From First4Maths

Year 6 Creative At Home Resources From First4Maths

Reading/Reading Comprehension 

Bookworms – if you’ve run out of books to read, don’t worry! The following website has 1000s of free online books for you to explore. Most of them are Accelerated Reader linked as the site comes from the same provider. Just browse the topics and use the ‘I’ tool to find out what level the book is and how many points it is worth etc.

**NEW** You might want to try this fun reading activity, searching your book shelves at home for the different types of books listed in this scavenger hunt.

Just for fun: Book Scavenger Hunt Scavenger Hunt

Reading Comprehensions for you to try

Diary Of Darwin Stage 6 Comp Comprehension

Charles Darwin Stage 6 Comp Comprehension

What Is Evolution Comprehension

A Finch Solution Stage 6 Comp Comprehension

Common Descent Stage 6 Comp Comprehension

The Diaries Of Mary Anning  Guided Reading Pack


Spellings for W/C Monday 18th May

Please access the spelling list from the Spelling Frame website on ‘sure/ture’ words.

YEAR 3/4 – Spelling Rule 9 (

Spellings for w/c Monday 11th May 

Please access the spelling list from the Spelling Frame website on ‘OUGH’ words.

Spelling Rule 46 – Words containing the letter-string ough 

You can view this video to get you started on this pattern:

**And remember, you can use the Spelling Frame website to test yourself on your spellings at the end of the week.**


W/C Monday 18th May

You have a few options this week for literacy.

  1. If you haven’t already, access the Mary Anning Reading pack in the comprehension resources above. This resources will work well with your topic learning this week and has SPaG activities to complete as well as reading comprehension resources. You can watch a video about Mary Anning first here:
  2.  BBC Bitesize has lessons on writing a thank you letter to Health Care workers this week (see Y5/6 timetables above). This series of 4 lessons will recap some key SPaG skills that you could put to good use in a letter. You can access these on the computer or TV following the links above.
  3.  Use to revise the grammar from your year group. Each pupil/year group has a full test loaded to your account to complete alongside other SPaG revision tests.
  4.  Complete or edit your story from last week’s Talk 4 Writing unit. Once you have written your story, yo could turn it into a mini book with pages and illustrations. If you send it to me, then I can upload and share them via Class Dojo so we can see how different all our stories end up being!

W/C Monday 11th May

This week, please try the Talk 4 Writing units uploaded below. They contain build up activities to prepare you for a piece of writing at the end of the week. Further support will be provided via dojo throughout the week where applicable to help you plan and prepare for a super piece of writing!

T4W Y5 Scheme

T4W Y6 Scheme

Older Resources

If you’ve not yet completed the work on the Galapagos Iguanas, follow this link:

Worksheet for tab 4: Marine Iguana Coordinating Conjunctions Worksheet



This half term, a selection of task sheets will be made available to help you discover Darwin’s Delights. A selection of activities on downloadable PDFs containing images, video links and activities will be uploaded here each week. Many of these will be cross-curricular tasks, addressing literacy, history, geography, science, art and computing skills and will take a little longer to complete. You can go at your own pace, have fun and produce something you can be proud of at the end.

Lesson 1: Meet Mr Charles Darwin

Lesson 2: Make Your Own Sketchbook

Lesson 3: Darwin’s Delights Collecting

Lesson 4: Mastering Sketching And Drawing Techniques

Lesson 5: Galapagos and What Mr Darwin Saw 

Additional Lesson 5 resources: Scavenger Hunt

Lesson 6: Bird Beaks And Survival

Additional Resources for Lesson 6:

Darwin’s Finches Method Board

Darwin’s Finches Investigation Recording Sheet

Evolution Darwins Finches

Where Did Each Brid Come From Galapagus Map





Lesson 7: Camouflaged Animals

Additional Resources for Lesson 7:

Comic Strip Template

Lesson 8: Inheritance And Variation

Additional Resources for Lesson 8:






**NEW** Lesson 9: Fossils And Evolution

Additional Resources for lesson 9:

KS2 Scratch Commands Helpsheet 2

KS2 Dinosaur Fossil Animation Extension Ideas 0

Extra resource: Fossils Cloze Expert

**NEW** Lesson 10: Selective Breeding Vs Natural Selection

Additional Resources for lesson 10: Animals For Lesson 10

** NEW** Lesson 11: Woolly Mammoth Extinction

Additional Resources for Lesson 11: Genetics Hot Topics (1)



Once you have completed all of the topic lessons above, you can test your knowledge with this topic quiz to end the unit. Well done!

Knowledge Check End Of Unit


Nature Scavenger Hunts:

Pdf Blossoms And Flowers Spotter Sheet

Pdf Butterfly Spotter Sheet

Pdf Creepy Crawly Spotter Sheet

Pdf Flying Insect Spotter Sheet

Pdf Leaf Hunt

Pdf Minibeast Hunt

Pdf Spring Flowers Spotter Sheet

Pdf Woodland Spotter Sheet

Pdf Spring Spotter Sheet

Identification dials:

Pdf Butterfly Idial

Pdf Leaf Idial

Pdf Minibeast Idial


Forest School Resources 

Pdf Hedgehog House

Pdf Ladybird House

Pdf Bluebell Mosaic

Pdf Simple Birdseed Feeder

Pdf Cookie Cutter Bird Feeder

Pdf Woodland Wind Chimes

Pdf Leaf Mobile


PE Activities

Torch Seekers

Sock Bowls

Save The Bears


River Crossing

Play The Deck

Not In My Backyard

Laser Maze

Jumping Dice

Bottle Tag

Blanket Ball



In 2020, we are making history. Why not make your own piece of history to be found in years to come. Try this Covid-19 Time Capsule activity.

Time Capsule Sheets Covid 19


Year 6 QEGS Transition Section 

Supporting Pack For QEGS Literacy Transition Work

Rise Above Transition To Secondary School KS2

New Beginnings Poem Twinkl

BBC Live Lesson Moving School Poem

Activity1 Metaphors Simile

Activity2 Alliteration


Supporting Pack For QEGS Maths Transition Work

Square Numbers

Factors And Multiples Poster

Prime Numbers


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