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Newsletter No. 6 – 03Apr2020

Newsletter No 6 - 03Apr20 Word Count Leader Board Easter 2020 PERSEVERANCE Super Yummy Kitchen Brief

Egyptian clay coil pots

White Tigers have produced some fantastic Egyptian inspired clay coil pots for Mother's day gifts. We hope mums enjoy their vases, jewellery pots and fruit bowls for their special day. We also made some beautiful cards with origami dresses. View the pictures below.

Coronavirus letter to parents and carers

Coronavirus Letter To Parents 13th March 2020  

World Book Day 2020

Wow! What a fantastic time we had celebrating World Book Day in school today! This morning's assembly was extra special: we had a costume parade, revealed the winners of our half-term book mark competition and spent time sharing our favourite stories. Children from nursery to year 6 enjoyed reading each other's favourite books and our … Continue reading World Book Day 2020

Heart Healthy Cookery

As part of our last topic, 'Bloodheart', the White Tigers began to plan a heart-healthy meal. As time got the better of us, we continued our DT work into this term and decided to put an Egyptian slant on it, cooking healthy sesame flatbreads, a lentil curry and homemade hummus. Everybody tried all elements of … Continue reading Heart Healthy Cookery

Keeping clean and keeping safe

Today, the White Tigers visited the Otters class to teach them the importance of washing their hands and how to wash them properly. With all the nasty germs around at the moment, we are well- aware of how important personal hygiene is in keeping illnesses at bay. The older children demonstrated the 6 different steps … Continue reading Keeping clean and keeping safe

Egyptian Embalmers!

This afternoon, the White Tigers class became Egyptian embalmers and mummified tomoatoes! They followed the same proceedures as the Ancient Egyptian embalmers would have done: cleansing the 'body', removing the insides and packing it with salt before wrapping it in bandages. They weighed their 'mummies' before embalming and made predictions about the effect the salt … Continue reading Egyptian Embalmers!

Pancake Cafe

News item produced by Skyler C, Year 6 Today, the White Tigers (Year 5 and 6) prepared and delivered exceptionally delicious pancakes with a choice of toppings (lemon, sugar, chocolate sauce, strawberry, syrup or plain) to all the pupils and teachers of Waterhouses Primary Academy. Students had to pay 20p for each pancake. Pancake day … Continue reading Pancake Cafe

UK Safer Internet Day 2020

This week we have joined schools and youth settings across the UK in celebrating Safer Internet Day 2020. Safer Internet Day is a global campaign to promote the safe and responsible use of technology, which calls on young people, parents, carers, teachers, social workers, law enforcement, companies, policymakers, and wider, to join together in helping … Continue reading UK Safer Internet Day 2020

Newsletter No. 5

Newsletter No. 05

Visit from Lafarge

On Tuesday 4th February representatives of local company Lafarge visited school to present some wonderful art gifts to the children whose artwork had been selected for the 2020 Lafarge calendar.  As the Early Years Ladybirds’ class had been a whole class effort two pupils were selected to represent the class in the photograph.  Well done … Continue reading Visit from Lafarge

Rocket Crash!

CRASH! What's that?  Let's have a closer look.   Stand back everyone - it looks like a space rocket has crashed into the classroom! Last Tuesday a space rocket crash landed into Otters' class.   The children had fun exploring the craft and ivestigating scattered scientific specimens.   The children explored the planets in the … Continue reading Rocket Crash!

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